I early discovered photography although photography at that point did not become my main profession (or at least so far it has not).

My genre is (almost exclusively) images of people, both in and out of the studio and I try to develop to get in touch with the hidden strings, to improve my capability to visualize thoughts and feelings in the perfect image, giving more than a reflection of the body, but more a shadow of the soul. During the last years, I have also taken a more serious approach to the technical aspects of photography, and learning how to master the image is a continuous work. I am working on both commercial and non-commercial basis, depending on the scope, use and content of the images.

If you like my style, feel free to call me to discuss the details for commercial assignments.

For non-commercial projects, I welcome models / stylists to contact me to discuss ideas and possible cooperation on fashion / portrait / fantasy projects.

Some background:

  • 2007, Qualification in Photography (Valokuvaajan ammattitutkinto, VAT), Pirkanmaan aikuisopisto, www.paiko.fi
  • 2006 - 2007, Preparatory course for Qualification in Photography, Institute for Visual Communication, VVI, Tampere, www.vvi.fi, by the renowned teacher and photographer Matti J. Kaleva
  • 2003, Specialization course in photography, the Department of Photography at the Swedish Polytechnic (now Novia University of Applied Sciences), www.fotokonst.fi, 20 ov
  • 2002 - , Numerous short courses at the Institute for Visual Communication, VVI, Tampere, www.vvi.fi


  • 1.2 - 24.2.2007, the exhibition Divine Grace, showing classic and fantasy pictures of young gymnasts from the gymnastic association Vaasatyt√∂t, displayed at Cafe Ernst next to the swedish theater of Vasa
  • 17.1 - 29.2.2008, the exhibition The Age of the Fairies, fantasy pictures of fairies, displayed at Cafe Farina at the Rewell Center, Vaasa
  • March 2009 - (ongoing), Pictures from the old and new city of Nykarleby displayed at the Juthbacka culture centre, Nykarleby
  • 15.5 - 7.6.2009, the exhibition le ballet, picturing different aspects of ballet, att the IBIS photography gallery, Vaasa